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hej. I am so happy you're here! I do all type of family photography. While I usually photograph families in their own environment, you can also book me for a photo session + hike. Preserving memories while hiking is a lot of fun and creates truly honest and unexpected moments. 

For me it's about your connection to each other. It's about the raw, everyday moments, captured in an artful and heartfelt way. It's about the light hits into your living room while holding your first born, the way your daughter trust in while teaching her how to bike, the way your son's fingers sneak into the dough while he learns how to make his grandmother's famous cookies, the way your little one insist brushing her wind blown hair while her brother crafts another paper plane next door. Whatever season of family life you're in, I'd love to document it.

Use the contact form to get in touch or send me a message to Can't wait to meet you soon!  

As part of a team of four family photographers from Germany and Canada, we collect our documentary stories on a shared account on Instagram! @familyandme